Gardens and Water Restrictions

Water restrictions don’t mean you have to give up any plans for having a beautiful garden. Your garden is still very important in terms of your quality of life, your family activities, your property value and the environment at large.

Water restrictions do mean we have to rethink how we garden, how we “spend” water and how we save and recycle water. We can help you create a beautiful garden that is water efficient by advising you about:

  • Choosing low water use plants
  • Garden design that groups plants according to their water needs.
  • Thorough soil preparation, adding organic matter to increase your soil’s water- and nutrient-holding capacity.
  • Use of soil wetting agents and other new products to help water penetrate and hold in your soil.
  • Choosing the right mulch.
  • Efficient irrigation systems that comply with current water restrictions.
  • The pros and cons of lawns.
  • Use of rainwater tanks and grey water.

Phone Helen to discuss how she can help you plan a more waterwise garden during a garden consultation.

Water restrictions

In the Sydney area, Level 2 restrictions are now in place. Fines of $220 apply for breaches.

You can only water your garden with a watering can or bucket before 10am and after 4pm.

You can use your drip or smart irrigation system for 15 minutes a day before 10am and after 4pm. A "smart" irrigation system is a spray irrigation system that has a rain sensor or soil moisture sensor attached to it.

You can apply hose-on products such as liquid lawn fertiliser or seaweed products as long as the spray pack you attach has an on-off water flow control on the handpiece. You must turn the water flow off when you're not actually applying the product.

No hosing of hard surfaces except for health and safety purposes or emergency or construction activities.

Exemptions are available for some households for establishing new lawns. Details are at