We offer a design service for clients who need landscape plans drawn up, either for Council Development Applications or Building Applications, or for construction work to be undertaken.

The cost varies considerably, depending on the size of your site, the base plans available to start work on, the complexities of the design and the type of plans required.

Types of plan include:

Concept Plan – how your outdoor space is to be utilised, identifying areas such as lawns, garden beds, utilities area, swimming pool, paths, paving, retaining walls, steps, screening etc.

Landscape Plan – a fully drafted plan of the design framework with details of the above elements.

Planting Plan – showing details of all plants to be used, including a Planting Schedule, specifying sizes and quantities of plants.

The design process starts with a briefing session with you to discuss what you want from your garden, how much time you want to put into it, what lifestyle needs your garden should serve, what you like and dislike and so on. The design process includes regular consultation with the client as it progresses.

We do not “do” a particular style of garden, but believe every client should have a garden that they love and that fits their lifestyle and their site. We have created successful gardens that are native, formal, cottagey, tropical, Mediterranean and contemporary minimalist in style. For many clients, the needs of family life take precedence and the design is worked around kids, dogs and minimal maintenance, while still achieving a garden to give pleasure and enhance the house. It’s your garden after all.